“Master Hypnosis Trainer Finally Reveals How Even You Can Hypnotize Almost Anybody…
(In Under 10 Seconds!)”
Keys To The Mind

From the desk of Nathan, C.HT
Founder, Keys To The Mind
Author of over 15 hypnosis training programs
experienced by more than 15,000 people world wide.

Auckland, New Zealand

Dear future hypnotist,

Hypnotizing people… FAST… is remarkably easy.

In fact, you’re about to discover exactly how it’s done, so that even if you’re a total beginner, in less than one hour from now you will be able to…

  • Pull off an instant hypnosis induction which creates deep trance in 7-10 seconds
  • Hypnotize totally on the fly and lead a total stranger through a stunning hypnosis demo
  • Create dramatic and powerful suggestion routines which amaze, entertain and inspire

For years you’ve been asking me to summarise the essentials of my Street Hypnosis knowledge in a easy to understand manual…

… so you can discover exactly how to do hypnosis on the fly, right from introductions to instant inductions, from hypnotic phenomena to persuasive language patterns.

It’s finally here! And, for a limited time, you can get it for an incredibly low investment – AND get a bunch of hypnosis training bonuses to help you become a master hypnotist quicker and easier than ever before.

You Can Get Instant Access To These Street Hypnosis Secrets…
  • How to do instant and rapid hypnosis inductions which really work. You’ll learn the hypnotic handshake induction and more, step by step with real world examples.
    (chapter 3)
  •  How to rapidly elicit powerful and dramatic hypnotic phenomena (chapter 5) including step by step instruction for…
    • How to stick someone’s hand to… anything!
    • How to do a hypnotic arm levitation
    • How to use hypnotic amnesia to have someone forget their own name
    • How to turn invisible using hypnotic suggestion
  • Why “confidence” is essential for the Street Hypnotist – and how to get it (Chapter 4)
  • How to avoid failure and save the situation like a pro, even when all seems lost
    (chapter 9)
  • How to integrate a range of powerful language patterns to supercharge your success rate (chapter 8)
  • How to use “rocket launch tactics” to turn a simple demonstration into something life changing (chapter 10)
  • What instant inductions is it best to use as a beginner… and how you can make them phenomenally powerful (chapter 6)

And a whole lot more!

Everything is clearly laid out for you – step by step with multiple real world examples.

In Just 1 Hour From Now You Could Be Hypnotizing Real People Wherever You Choose!

Over 5 years of trial and error have gone into creating this manual.

I’ve made all the mistakes for you – so you get only what works – fast, practical and designed so that you can begin actually doing hypnosis right away.

“Nathan is amazing! The depth and breadth of his hypnosis knowledge at this young age is astounding.
Sean Michael Andrews Professional Hypnosis Trainer
“I have known Nathan for quite some time, and I am quite impressed. He is one of those rare and exceptional people whom in this profession, eats, breathes and sleeps Hypnosis.”
John Cerbone - Celebrity Hypnotist
“Your “Rapid Street Hypnosis” manual is the perfect book for anyone interested in rapid hypnosis. I purchased your book  even though I have been doing stage and street hypnosis for a number of years now. I was still able to  gather valuable nuggets of information that I gave little thought too in the past.  ”
Rich Wilson, Professional Hypnotist
“Hey Nathan… (Rapid Street Hypnosis) is a truly awesome book with outstanding insights and techniques. I have used aspects from all chapters of the book to vastly  improve my skills.”
Robert Whittington, www.randrlifefluencytrainingandservices.co.uk

You can also get instant access to these “Street Hypnosis Mastery” Bonuses Downloads…
  • Bonus #1: Behind the scenes of an instant hypnosis induction. Look over my shoulder as I perform a range of powerful instant inductions with real subjects and explain exactly what I’m doing! You’ll be able to watch and copy the full process, and understand the elements that actually make this stuff work!
  • Bonus #2: The hypnotic entertainer. This audio lesson will walk you through the lessons I’ve learned performing Street Hypnosis “in the trenches” of the last five years. Discover how to approach a group and have them agree to be hypnotized, smoothly deal with skeptics and trouble makers, and WOW any crowd with 100% impromptu hypnosis.

With the tools and resources you’re about to get instant access to, it’s virtually inevitable that you will be successful.

BUT if for any reason (or no reason!) you decide that my “Rapid Street Hypnosis” manual isn’t for you, you can get an full refund just like that.

Your absolutely unconditional money back guarantee gives you 60 full days to try out this manual at my risk. Plus it’s backed up by ClickBank, a trusted online retailer who have safely processed over 1 billion dollars in payments, so you’re investment is 100% secure, and 100% reversible.

“YES! Give Me the Power to Hypnotize Virtually Anyone in Under 10 Seconds, and Do Hypnosis Totally On the Fly!

“I realise I’m about to get instant access to…

  • The complete “Rapid Street Hypnosis – Become a Hypnotist in 1 Hour or Less” manual
  • The “Behind the Scenes of an Instant Hypnosis Induction” video
  • The “The Hypnotic Entertainer” audio training

Instant Access – Just $37!

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I know you’ll love the skills you’re about to discover, and have fun using them out in the real world.


Nathan - Chief Editor
- Keys To The Mind -

PS Remember your success as a hypnotist is totally guaranteed – all the risk is on me.

PPS This offer (emphatically) will not be around forever – grab your copy now to avoid missing out.

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